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We work with our customers to ensure long-term success. We start with laying the foundation to understand the company’s mission, culture, and message. We then proceed to create stunning graphics from the data received. Our instructional-oriented graphics design services are aimed at enhancing effective visual communication to aid the development of learning programs.

Need a logo, illustration or graphics for your current elearning? No problem! We’re here to help.

Graphic Design

In today’s market and economy, staying up to date with the world of design is crucial to success. Design is continually changing, with new concepts emerging and old concepts being refreshed. Let us help you evolve and go beyond the trends.

We offer the following design services:

  • Branding and Identity
  • Logo Design
  • Print and Layout Design
  • Web Design
Videos and Animation

Animations are perhaps the most engaging type of visual communication. Multimedia Street has the expertise and capacity to create state-of-the-art moving images with stunning visual and special effects. We use specialized computer applications to animate professionally designed images and sync with sound and voice. The result is an attention-grabbing animated movie which can be used for various animations different objectives such as educational purposes, commercials, promotion, or awareness, etc.

We cannot deny the fact that videos and animation are interesting. A good video will entertain you and make you stay until the end. Videos are a great way for you to engage your audience. Given the current market trends and social media climate, video content has become the primary method to engage online audiences. We at MMstreet can help you reach your target market by creating videos based on your content or story.

Video vs. Animation

This will help you choose which is best for you. It will be based on your objective and content.

  • We don’t do documentaries, movies, short movies
  • We do interviews
  • We do shooting for lectures
  • We do short videos for learning purposes
  • Good for quick information
  • Good for corporate presentations
  • Good for corporate audience / for business

Infographic VIdeo is somewhere between Animation and Video

  • Animation
  • We do light animation
  • Good for quick stories
  • Good for emotional sensations
Choosing between video and animation
  1. Content. Identifying the subject, story and objectives will point the way to go.

  2. Audience. Corporate audiences usually prefers video, while younger generations prefer animation.

  3. Mood. Stories are better animated, while professional or corporate matters are preferably on video.

  4. Budget. Animations (cartoons) take the most time, and usually cost the most. Video is more cost- friendly, worrying only about equipment and locations. Infographics, on the other hand, are the most cost effective. Logistics needed for video and time needed for heavy animation are no longer factors.


An interactive video/animation is composed on short videos where you can make choices. Each choice will bring you to a different scenario based on your choice. An interactive video is composed of short videos or animations wherein you make choices. Each choice will bring you to a different scenario based on your choice. Hyper Narratives are best suited for situational learning via simulations as they are highly effective and entertaining.

Motion Graphic / Infographic Video
  • Highly Graphical animated images
  • Simple animation
  • Good for quick information
  • Good for information dissemination

Simple drawings and colorful diagrams are brought to life by animation. Studies show that 90% of what we remember is based on visual impact, so by combining images, colors and movement, viewers are more successfully stimulated. Adding audio will make the experience even more immersive, and increase retention.

Augmented Reality (AR)

An enhanced version of reality where live direct or indirect views of physical real-world environments are augmented with superimposed computer-generated images over a user's view of the real world, thus enhancing one’s current perception of reality. We offer Augmented Reality (AR) services for learning. We do not offer AR games but only AR for companies.

Consultancy Services & Training

We avail our clients with our vast experience in the development of multimedia content that suits their purpose. We can help in determining the appropriate design, the right multimedia content and strategy that will achieve the communication objectives for the target audience.

LMS Support

Our LMS consultancy services include:

  • Site Administration and Support

On-site or remote troubleshooting. Temporary solution for an absent team member or admin, etc. Our support team is ready to lend a hand.

  • Platform Rollout

Communication and marketing of the LMS launch to your learners and stakeholders, from the deployment schedule to online engagement collaterals. A comprehensive plan to cover all bases and pave the way for a smooth and successful rollout.

  • Developing a progressive LMS strategy

Laying the foundations for your L&D strategy. We make sure your platform has the needed functionality to accomplish your goals effectively.

  • Content Design and Curation

By analyzing your content and audience needs, we can redesign the learning programs and plans, as well as the courses and their individual pages. We can also go over the UX (user experience) and streamline the flow for a more pleasant and efficient user journey.

  • LMS administrator training

From content management to site administration, we ensure that your in-house admin is knowledgeable and capable when it comes to the ins and outs of your LMS.

Defining Requirements & Training Needs Analysis

How we can help

Working alongside your teams and subject matter experts we will:

  • Identify organisational objectives
  • Define the skills needed to meet the objectives
  • Evaluate the skills already in place
  • Include the learning already in place and map this to the required skills matrix
  • Specify the training development required to meet the training need

We will use a blend of meetings, interview techniques and data analysis to gather the data needed to define your learning needs.


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